Websites For Everyone

Neopoligen is a free website builder. It's designed to make it easy to get started even if you've never made a site before.

There's a lot of features built into the app. You can start making content in the default theme as soon as you install it. You can also customize everything. From changing font colors all the way to creating the most complicated site you can think if, Neopoligen provides the foundation to make whatever you want on the web.

How It Works

You make content for your site by making files on your computer that look like this:

Your Content, Your Site, Forever

You can think about websites as being made up of three parts:

When you use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter/X, Facebook, etc... that distinction vanishes. Your Content gets locked behind their company Domain Names and Host Services. Neopoligen doesn't work that way. It generates the Content for your site on your computer. You choose your Domain Name and Host Service independently. When you're ready to make your site visible to the world, Neopoligen sends a copy of it to the Host Service which connects it to your chosen Domain Name. The original always stays with you.

And, here's the key part: by keeping the parts separate you're free to change your Host Services without losing all your stuff.

This section is about setting up your own Domain Name. Unfortunately, doing so is not free. Prices vary depending on the name and average around $15-20/year.

I want to make it clear that getting and using your own Domain Name is completely optional. If you have any hesitation about spending the money, skip it for now and just go straight to the Quick Start Guide. It will get you set up with a a completely free website in about TKTKTK minutes. You can always come back and switch to your own Domain Name later.

If you can afford it, my recommendation is to purchase your own Domain Name. This gives you complete control over your site since you can change Host Services without changing the Domain Name. More importantly, it protects your site from things like the Host Service canceling their service or going out of business.

For example, if GitHub ever decides to stop providing Host Services I'd lose with no way to get it back. But, I use my own domain for my personal site. So, if my current Host Service goes away for some reason I would just pick a new one and set up Neopoligen to send my site there.

The other nice thing about having your own Domain Name is branding. For example, I like being able to tell folks to visit:

better than

You can learn how to set up your own Domain Name here: Set Up A Custom Domain Name With Hover