About Neopoligen (And Neopolitan)

What's This All About? The Question

My site is 20 years old. When I realized that, it got me thinking about the next twenty years. The idea of jumping frameworks every year or two is exhausting. Not because of the tech. Because moving content is a slog. That sent me on a quest. You're looking at the result.

Neopolitan The Format

I spent the past year working on a file format to replace markdown/mdx for my content files. It's called Neopolitan . The goal is to allow for flexible content types in plain-text without requiring javascript.

To see what it looks like, scroll to the end of any page on this site. You'll see a copy of the file that produced it.

Neopoligen The Engine

Creating a file format doesn't do a lot of good unless there's something to use it. That's what this project is about. It's a static site generator built specifically for Neopolitan. Ultimately, it's a personal project, but the ideas feel sound so I'm open-sourcing it.