Hello, World

Welcome to the Neopoligen Tech Blog!

This is where I'm posting about the software under the hood that makes Neopoligen run. Things like how I arrived at decisions and how I ended up implementing certain things.

It's also a place for ideas. Writing is one of the ways I figure things out. The process of putting words down on a page gets them out of my head in a way that shines light on the missing and misshapen parts. Editing is like iterating on prototypes. I can make a lot of progress refining before taking the first pass at code.

Also, this blog gives me content to work with. As I'm writing this, the Neopoligen app is hard-wired to build this site. In order to see what it's building I need for there to be stuff to build. So, this blog will also be where new features see their first light of day.

I hope you enjoy the show,